Hardware Builds/Upgrades/Repairs

Titan Network Solutions prides itself on building high caliber custom computing machines. Using only Intel motherboards, Intel processors, Intel 'certified compliant' memory and 'green' technology power supplies, our systems stand above the rest. Our standard boards used in our builds utilize i-series processors that have Intel HD Graphics built into the chip delivering high definition graphics, advanced 3D capabilities and full support for your operating system without the need for a discrete graphics card. Another great feature of the boards used in our standard builds is that they have Intel High Definition Audio producing great sound for your music, games and movies.

Added to the mix of customization is the choice of memory and hard drive space. If your computer is going to be utilizing a lot of memory with applications like Photoshop, AutoCAD or high demand video games, then one may consider adding more memory. Just as well, if the user is going to need a lot of storage space for things like pictures, videos, music, etc., then one may consider a larger drive or adding a second drive strictly as a storage drive, keeping the first strictly for the operating system and programs.

We also provide upgrade and replacement services here at Titan. If one of your components is failing, we can replace it. If you need an upgrade, we will try to accommodate your wishes as best as we can, but with the fast rate of hardware changes in the IT sector, some things are obsolete so that parts are sometimes not available.

We also provide physical cleaning services, which removes any dust build up from within the machine, as this build up may cause your fans to seize up, reduce cooling and cause your components to overheat.