Software Installation/Updates/Repairs

The main piece of software on any computer is the operating system. This is the system that the computer boots into and provides the capabilities to interact with the various pieces of hardware (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc) and other software such as web browsers, text editors, email clients, etc. When building a new computer, the operating system is the first piece of software that is installed. Then the drivers (software that enables communications between hardware components) are installed and then custom software such as office productivity suites, media playback software, artistic development packages, what have you, are installed depending on the needs of the user.

But sometimes things can go wrong. Corrupt file systems, missing or corrupt system files, infections from viruses or spyware all can have a detrimental effect on your operating system and the files (including your valuable pictures, music, documents) contained on your hard drive(s).

Depending on the particular software issue, steps are taken to alleviate the problem and to mitigate any potential loss of data. Temp files are removed, antivirus and antispyware scans are passed and all updates are installed to shore up the systems security.

There are times when it is a best case scenario to do a fresh install of the operating system due to system file corruption and or system file loss. This may be because of a tenacious virus/spyware that has hooked itself into the system or has overwritten system files. Another scenario is that the file system itself or the registry has been corrupted. A data backup is done to preserve any transferable files (such as pictures, music, videos, etc) so that they may be brought back when the system is reinstalled. Unfortunately, any programs, such as Microsoft Office, games, etc., will need to be reinstalled.

If it is a hardware issue such as a potential failing drive, data backups are done immediately to preserve any data loss. Unfortunately, when a drive is failing, there is no guarantee of data recovery due to the unstable condition of the physical drive itself. When it is the case that the data is unrecoverable by our service team, we recommend taking the drive to data recovery experts that have the dedicated facilities for such matters.